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John Boyd began in the building industry in 1978 as Builders Labourer. He was taken on as an apprentice carpenter by the same Company and eventually became a Sub Contract Carpenter. After completing the Clerk of Works Course he then took on roles with other building companies, drawing plans, quantity surveying, building supervision and as construction manager.

In 1992 John started Kalana Homes. After selling a few "Project" style homes it soon became obvious that the project Home market was very competitive and already had many players. Using skills in plan drawing he was able to develop a custom Home building company where clients could have their plans drawn and houses built while dealing with just one company. It was continually found that customers were unsure of what they could afford and so the Free Plan Offer was introduced and has been hugely successful in helping customers determine what house they can afford. Other developments have been the training in the area of energy smart homes, which is an area that will see much greater importance in the future.

Choosing a Builder can be difficult. Browse the topics listed here and see how Kalana Homes can help you. Kalana Homes has in house drafting. You only have to deal with company to get your ideas on to paper and into reality. This saves time and money. It allows us to draw and build exactly what you want. It also means we can offer free plan drawing so that you can see what your custom house will look like without spending money.

Kalana Homes will take all the stess out of getting plans approved. At Kalana Homes we deal with the local Council on a continuing basis and are able to provide advice or get updated from councils at all times. Investors will like the way Kalana Homes can not only complete new homes, duplexes and units but can also provide all the necessary items for the house to be lived in including Driveways, carpets, blinds and light fittings.

Kalana Homes has some Standard plans that suit specific sites. We have plans for suburban blocks, plans for farms and acres and plans for sloping blocks. The plans can be used as drawn or can be used to help you design a house specific to your needs. Every family is different and has different requirements for a home. The choice is, to build a standard home and put up with the things you don't want or don't like or build a home that suits your lifestyle. Kalana Homes can help you design a home and draft it for you. Why not make use of our free plan drawing offer ?

Kalana Homes free Plan Drawing offer is designed to help people who want a custom designed home but don't know what it will look like or what it will cost.

Solar smart homes use building design and products to provide an energy efficient home. This is good for you as it costs less to heat and cool your home. It is good for the environment because we use less energy.