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Prior to construction the selection of constructions materials, internal fittings and colours must be done. Kalana Homes will guide you through this complex task.
Kalana Homes will prepare a building agreement for the construction of the project.
A building agreement will consist of a full set of detailed plans, a specification which will include all the selections of materials, fittings and colours that you have made, and the written building agreement.
The construction price in the agreement will consist of the tender price plus quoted prices for any items requested after the Tender.
When the Building agreement is signed, a quantity survey is done on the plans and all the materials and fittings are ordered. Then construction can begin.
The length of time for construction will be stated in the building agreement.
As each stage is completed a progress claim will be forwarded to you. Payment should be made within ten days.
On practical completion you will be asked to inspect the works.